5 Love Languages

So in honor of the Love month I thought the day before Valentine’s Day I would share some old but, good tips about speaking your partner’s language.

No I’m not talking about English I’m talking about your spouse’s Love Language.

What is a “love language” you ask

Well Dr. Gary Chapman who was a prolific Christian author who wrote this amazing book 5 Love Languages. If you haven’t read it I suggest demand you do!

It will change your marital life!

We each speak a different language when it comes to love and that’s what I’m going to talk about today. The 5 love languages:


We all like to be affirmed and your spouse should tell you how wonderful and beautiful you are but there are certain people who speak the love language of affirmation ,meaning it touches a special part of their soul when you speak words of kindness and tell them how valuable they are.


The touch, now I am personally not a touchy feely type of person and my husband has never taken the love language test but I am pretty sure that he would fall into this category. This person speaks the language of physical love. They love to be hugged and touched. When they walk in the door after a long day of work they don’t want to just here “how was your day?” they want you to kiss them on the cheek. They want to hold your hand in public and watch the sun set as you cuddle on a blanket at the beach. They are that person that needs the touch on the back of the neck while riding in the car, or on the shoulders a walk down the hallway.

Again do we all need physical touch? Yes, there have been many experiments where children who are hug and loved and spoken to have better, emotional development then those that are left alone

Acts of Service:

This is my love language, my personal love language. People who speak the love language acts of service value when their spouse does something for them like washing the dishes, cooking a meal or mopping the floor, picking up the kids from school or just doing something for your spouse that makes them come alive. Some people say well how is that a love language, but I could tell you from experience that when my husband does things for me it reminds me and shows me that he cares about me and he thinks about me and ultimately that he is in love with me. Is it an act of servitude? Yes, but not in a slave/master sense, but it a husband wife helpmate sense.

Gift giving

Now I’m not really big on gifts but there’s some people who come alive when you give them something. A piece of jewelry, flower or magnet. Could be something sentimental in value that did not cost much money or could be expensive. It is not about the amount for the person that speaks this language, but the fact that you thought of them and that you cared enough to stop and think about them.

Finally the 5th Language

 Quality Time

I think we all deserve quality time with our significant others and but there are some who speak the language of quality time. Quality time is not just sitting on the couch watching TV together quality time for them is when the TV is off and you’re having a conversation or you’re going out to dinner and looking each other in the eye, and having the other person’s undivided attention. No distractions. Getting to know each other on a level that is so intimate it only can be done between the two of you.

In reviewing the 5 Love Languages, I think it is important to have a balance in every area of love, but we cannot help what makes our heart skip a beat.  So just remember as you’re planning your Valentine’s Day events take into consideration your spouse’s love language.

If you haven’t read the book, grab the book here.

If you haven’t taken the test and don’t know your personal love language or your spouse’s love language take a minute click on the link here take the test and use the results to have a phenomenal Valentine’s Day.  Tell me what’s your love language…

And Remember in marriage and relationship there should be some form of Valentine’s Day every day.
All in Love,



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