Can I Leave Already …..

People talk about divorce one of two ways nonchalantly or super seriously… However, I do not think people understand everything (all the hurt, pain, reflection) that goes along with the word until they are having to go through the journey.

For some divorce is a marathon of lawyers, slander, verbal abuse and shock, while for others it is a sprint to the courthouse to get the papers signed so they can each move forward with their lives.

Wheather a 100-meter dash or a 5k, the one thing each have in common is they both are a race to break a sacred covenant that for all intents and purposes was supposed to be a lifelong commitment.

So the next question is Why? Why didn’t the marriage work out? And for individuals who have gone through divorce I am sure they will have a long list of reasons as to why they chose divorce.

If you want to explore some reasons as to why some marriages may be vulnerable to divorce you can check out some of my other post 4 Ways to Turn Your Spouse Off…

Some people say they got divorced because they just didn’t have anything in common or they grew a part. Even the courts have this thing called “irreconcilable differences”. All just a fancy way of saying “I can’t do this marriage thing anymore”.

I have also heard some say they are better off as friends. But can you really just be friends after sharing one flesh with a person? Anyway..

Even celebrities like TI and Tiny are in the media making statements like the one stated above (more TI than Tiny).  All of this is fine and dandy but let’s not make the person who file’s for divorce the bad guy, yah know?

It has and always will take two totally committed people to make a marriage work. If one person decides that they have the right to break this covenant because they feel like it, well then the marriage needs to be re-evaluated and divorce may have to be an option.

Is this what God intended when he created the institution of marriage? No!

So, is divorce okay in the eyes of God? And if so, when?

Stay tuned for part 2 where we will explore the answers to the questions above. In the meantime, let me know what you think? Do you think there is ever any reason to get a divorce? Why or Why not?

Until Next Time…

All in Love,




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